Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Thought...(continued from the "First Blog")

I wonder how long Jughead would live if they had an older version of the "Archie" comic books? Would he still be eating like a pig and looking like a twig? I doubt it. The years must of caught up with him.

Forgive me for saying so, but those over-exaggerated comics provided hours of mindless reading for me as a child. Hey, at least I was reading something, right? Anyone who has ever read or flipped through a copy would probably be familiar with the Jughead character. If not, that's him in the picture above. Always wearing the "burger king-type crown" and always stuffing his face with junk food. You'd think that Jughead would be a big kid if you had never seen a picture of him. His daily after school routine includes eating as many hamburgers from Pop Tate's Chok'lit Shoppe as his allowance will let him. Despite his obsession with food, his figure depicts a tall, lanky and thin teenager.

Now what kind of message is that for kids? Leading them to believe you can eat as much unhealthy food as you want and not face the consequences. Boy did Jughead ruin my life! I'm the exact same as he is, minus the tall part unfortunately. I can eat anything without it taking a toll on my body, at least for now...fingers crossed! Really though, its unfortunate because honestly, if he had been an exercise fanatic or something more along those lines, maybe I would have been too?

This all led me to think of something I like to call the "Jughead Effect". When you knowingly are doing something harmful to your body, yet you ignore it based on how the same thing effects others. For example: If Jughead can eat nothing but junk food and red meat all the time, so can I. Come on - he's skinny and can run fast enough to escape Big Ethel, (the chick that loves the guy, but hey, Jughead does NOT like girls...yukkyyy). A more serious example would be someone who thinks they can smoke cigarettes with no consequences because after all, "My best friends grandfather smoked all his life and he never got sick".

So the question from my previous post was "how can I be lazy and healthy"? It might not be that difficult...a 10 minute workout a day, could keep a hip replacement when your old away. At least I know that until I get the idea out of my head, that "my healthy body will always remain intact", those morning pushups are never happening. And I really do apologize for the Archie references. I swear, I haven't picked one up in years...


Anonymous said...

dude, i made a song about jughead eating so much that he gets a tummy ache,