Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The First Blog

Whoever told me that to be healthy means to be miserable, should BE shot!

I think it was probably my buddy Chris, who's only consistent means of exercise is reaching through his car window to grab the McDonald's bag at the drive through. I guess you can't blame him for trying to stay active though - after all, lifting a thick, juicy and disgustingly fat burger can be strenuous!

But seriously, I'm 25 years old now...time to grow up, it's time to start being responsible, time to take action, time to be...healthy. Great. No problem...I'll just change my diet to everything well...healthy and I'll also work out, jog, or do yoga maybe - guys do yoga right??? Maybe I could spend some quality time with my mom at her pilates class (which up until last week I thought was a made up word). I don't know all seems pretty intense.

I remember watching the movie "Into the Wild" and deciding that - just like Emile Hirsch's character (Chris McCandless) I also would challenge my mind and body, that I would test my physical limitations. With a fierce determination I started working out and bought protein mix and started to run in the mornings. And for almost a whole week I was doing great! Seriously I was already feeling like a mini Marky-Mark or Dolph Lundgren.

Only thing was that I hated it. I hated waking up and forcing myself to do push-ups, I hated driving to the gym or forcing myself to go on a run. Pretty much I was just being lazy and the idea of having to do anything physical was terrifying.

So how can I be healthy AND other words how can I be healthy AND lazy? That would be amazing!

to be continued...