Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jamie Oliver Blasts Own Country's People Calling Them "Drunks with Horrible Diets"

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is facing the music after returning from France where he made a number of crude comments, describing British people as "drunks with diets worse than those found in the poorest slums of Soweto." 

"The people I'm telling you about have huge TV sets - a lot bigger than mine! They have state of the art mobile phones, cars and they go and get drunk in pubs at the weekend - their poverty shows in the way they feed themselves. I found the cooking of the inhabitants of the slum in Soweto in South Africa a lot more diverse than ours. It's true! I'm going to be harsh, but I think a lot of English people's food lacks heart. It's bland."

First of all...nice cover. Second, which people are you exactly referring to who have TV sets bigger than yours? Aren't you some kind of multi-million dollar-celebrity-chef-extraordinaire, who just happens to be set for life? 

Tsk, tsk Jamie. Shouldn't you be inspiring your country to eat and BE healthy? I don't think Brit's will find your comments very inspiring....ya JERK!

And don't lie. I bet you have a nice 50" HD Plasma...


Anonymous said...

I love Jamie Oliver. And, its true English food is pretty boring - especially tea and scones.

Anonymous said...

I have total respect for Jamie Oliver and what he is trying to achieve.