Thursday, September 25, 2008

Freshman 15...Meet Your Worst Enemy!

myNutrition is a new web-site designed to help students track their on-campus food intake.

Created by Washington State University (WSU) Dining Services, the site provides students and staff nutritional information on food served at the dining centers.

Annie Roe, a registered dietitian and founder of the myNutrition program explains, "there is a link to the Dining Services recipe database, you just pick where you ate and select what you had then it will give you all of the nutrition information."

I have to say this seems like a great way for young people to be more aware of what they put into their body! Hopefully the program will be a new standard for ALL Universities and Colleges.

(Source by Daily Evergreen)


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! I wish they had that when I was away at University, maybe then I wouldn't have gained so much weight (P.S. still hasn't completely come off which is why I am still on NIM - how unfair!).

Anonymous said...

This is so important. I didn't recognize my own daughter after her first year away.