Thursday, November 27, 2008

Burn Calories Without Trying!

Now I know what you're thinking. "I've already signed up for NIM! Are there really any other ways out there in which I can lose weight without trying?" Well getting delicious and healthy meals delivered to your door is only the first step. Here are four more ways that you can lose weight with minimal effort.

1. Walking up escalators and stairs for just five minutes a day burns 144 calories.

2. Raking leaves burns about 50 calories per every half hour.

3. Chewing sugarless gum burns about 11 calories an hour.

4. Washing your car by hand will burn 280 calories an hour.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tips & Tricks for a Healthy Thanksgiving, No Really it's Possible!

Yes we get it. Thanksgiving is that one holiday when lets face it, you eat 'till you drop. Unfortunately, an endless evening of fattening, face-stuffing, belly-popping, sleep-inducing food might not be the best idea in terms of a little thing we like to call your health. Even if it is only a once year a thing.

Which is why we've scoured the web for some Healthy Thanksgiving Tips and Alternatives:

1.Bring your own dish: By bringing your own dish, you don't necessarily need to stick to traditional thanksgiving food and you have an alternative on what to eat. You should choose to make something that is low in fat, that is full of vegetables and that will help keep you healthy during your stay at the relatives. [Source]

2. Don't Eat on an Empty Stomach: According to Chef Kyle Shadix, a culinary instructor with The Art Institute of New York City, one of the most effective ways to not stuff yourself stick is to not let yourself starve before the turkey carving begins. "Never head to a meal you know is going to be big on an empty stomach," he says. Chef Shadix suggests nibbling on low fat dips, yogurt and fat free sour cream before the big meal. [Source]

3. Cranberries: Not only do the precious red berries add a splash of color to your holiday meal, they pack a powerful punchw hen it comes to antioxidants. According to a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that ranked the antioxidant value of a variety of fruits, cranberries come out on top. Compared with 19 common fruits, cranberries had the highest level of antioxidants - even more than blueberries. Antioxidants are compounds that protect the cells from damage and may help prevent disease, including cancer. [Source]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Recipes from

While Nutrition in Motion's Diet Delivery program remains a fundamental component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There is one day, when even the health nuts at NIM take a break. That day is Thanksgiving.

Which is why we wanted to share an exclusive new recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole sent to us by Chef Gordon Ramsay.


9 cups Sweet Potatoes, Cooked and Mashed
3 cups Sugar
½ tbsp Salt
3 Eggs (beaten)
½ tbsp Vanilla Extract

3 cups Brown Sugar (packed)
1 cup Flour
3 cups Chopped Walnuts
½ cup Butter (melted)

In a large mixing bowl combine: sweet potatoes, sugar, salt, egg, milk and vanilla. Stir well and set aside.
Combine the brown sugar, flour, pecans and butter in a bowl and mix well.
Spread sweet potato mix into a greased baking dish. Sprinkle top with brown sugar mix. Cover and freeze.
When needed, remove pan from freezer
Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Monday, November 17, 2008

'Tis the Season... to Stay Healthy

With summer a distant memory and snow just around the corner, 'tis the season to catch a cold. Which is why, the health nuts at are here today with three important things you need to do the moment you feel a cold coming on.

1. Stock up on Chicken Soup: Not only does that classic bowl of [insert your favorite brand here] contain many of the anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to the inflammation that causes cold symptoms. The heat may help open nasal passages.

2. Vitamin C: Milk isn't the only liquid that does a body good. Vitamin C, which in our case includes our personal favorite Orange Juice helps to stave off infection.

3. Zinc Lozenges: According to medical experts far smarter than us lowly bloggers, zinc is vital for your immune system to function

And remember, only you can prevent the on-set of a common cold! And Forest Fires, but that's another post for another day.