Monday, February 2, 2009

Eating: Take Your Time

Your mother might have been on to something when she told you to eat more slowly. According to a Japanese study published in the British Journal of Medicine, women who scarf down their meals are twice as likely to be overweight than their slower-eating counterparts. You see, when food is consumed to quickly, your body doesn't have enough time to digest it and sent the message to your brain that you are full and should stop eating.

The solution? Focus on your food. Try not to eat while watching TV or being otherwise distracted. When you actually pay attention to what you are eating, you might notice that you don't actually want or need to eat as much as you had originally thought.
Another suggestion - Chew longer. Actually think about how much food you put in your mouth and take the time to chew it fully. Don't inhale your food!

Maybe you're thinking about your lunch break or how you rushed our the door to work this morning and had no time to...well...take your time. Go for portion control. We are hard-wired to want to finish everything on our plates (think back to that take-out container. Did you really have to eat the whole thing?), so eating from a smaller plate (or container) allows us to finish all of our food and still have a sense of satisfaction.

Just remember that food is meant to be enjoyed -- the longer you have to actually taste and savour your food, the more likely you are to feel satisfied and stick to your diet and healthy-eating regimen.

Take your time while eating and your brain and body will thank you.