Friday, February 20, 2009

Warning: Fast-Food Restaurants Increase Risk of Stroke

Sounds pretty obvious, right? Well, it's not exactly what you think. A new study has found that the more fast-food restaurants a neighbourhood has, the greater the risk of stroke is for those living there. There is no direct proof that simply living in these areas will actually increase your risk of having a stroke, but there is a strong association.

The researchers are not sure as to whether the increased stroke risk comes from actually eating more fast food, or if it's because the neighbourhood is not a healthy environment in general (i.e. there are no healthier options and health promotion is poorer). Communities with a greater number of fast food restaurants are more likely to have residents with heart disease and obesity as well.

Once again, folks, the key to a healthy lifestyle and reducing your risk of stroke, heart disease and obesity is to stay away from unhealthy food options such as fast-food restaurants and stay active in your daily life. If you simply lack the time to cook up healthy meals and are looking for a solution, you should know that there are "Fast" food options available that can actually improve your quality of life...NIM is the perfect example!