Thursday, March 26, 2009

7 Spring Cleaning Secrets for Your Body and Soul

When you think about summer time, what comes to mind? Maybe you want to finally shed some pounds to achieve the body you've always wanted? Well, spring is here, so what are you waiting for? Follow these simple tips to cleaning out your home environment in order to make it conducive to weight loss.

1. Target your goal: Are you serious this time? Is weight loss really what you want? Be committed and write it down! Tape it up somewhere visible so you never forget (your fridge door would be a good start).

2. Examine your fridge. Better yet, take everything out! Throw out anything and everything that is expired or beyond recognition. Re-stock your fridge with healthy choices that are easy to grab when you're feeling hungry.

3. Purge your pantry. Uh oh - if you're like most people, this is where all the 'goodies' are hidden. Throw it all out. You know you want to lose weight so why would you keep anything in there that is essentially designed to make you fat? Plus if it can live on the shelf for that long, you know it's full of preservatives! Chuck those chips, crackers and cookies. Re-stock with rice cakes, organic granola bars, low-fat soups and whole grains. If you're feeling a 'junk food' craving come along, you'll have to physically leave the house and seek them out. This takes a lot of effort and you most likely won't do it (unless you're ravenous!!). If they were easily accessible, they'd already be in your mouth.

4. Make healthy choices easily accessible. Load up on fruits and veg! Just as above, if they're easy to grab, you're more likely to eat them. Plus with the huge variety of choices you will have, you won't get bored. Crunchy, crisp, colourful, sweet, savoury, soft - the possibilities are endless!

5. Stock up on spices. Adding spices to your food will make it more flavourful and will satisfy your soul! Think: cinnamon in your oatmeal, basil and oregano in your mouth is already watering! If you've got spices kicking around, check that they still resemble the name on the label; if not, chuck 'em!

6. Stock up on healthy fats. What? Fats? Aren't we trying to lose weight? Yes, indeed, but if you give your body the right kind of fats, you'll not only have a tighter tummy, but you'll also have shiny hair, skin and nails! Load up on olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds. Just remember that all you need is about 2 tablespoons a day of these babies, because at 9 calories/gram, fats pack the highest caloric punch of any nutrient.

7. Liquids have calories, too. Yep, juices, sodas, and alcohol, just to name a few, can pack a whopping number of calories that you might just drink down without any thought. If you must have them, just be aware of what you're consuming. Alcohol, for example, packs 7 calories/gram - almost as much as fats! One shot, glass of wine or beer has about 150 calories. That's as much as a whole banana and a closed handful of almonds. Which one is more filling, nutritious and conducive to weight loss?

Bottom line - you've got to think of yourself as a high-performance race car from now on. Only the top fuels will do. Anything less and you're due in for service.


JoFranklinPR said...
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JoFranklinPR said...

I get the point you're trying to get across about not having "naughty" foods accessible, but encouraging everyone who reads the blog to throw away all the food in your cupboards - are you out of your mind?!

The amount of food we waste and throw away is already ridiculous, plus there are food shelters suffering big shortages in donations - eg.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with papaya Schmafaya. What's wrong with throwing away product that has expired or gone stale? It's not like a food shelter would even take open food items even if you tried to give it away. I agree that unopened food should not be thrown out but expired product that is already open...come on.

healthnut said...

Papaya: For individuals who are struggling with their weight and are serious about getting in shape, there's no WAY they can have that kind of stuff within their reach. We are human and we all have cravings and give in from time to time, ESPECIALLY if we're eating fewer calories and are hungrier; it's all too easy to lose one's restraint and self control during moments of weakness.

Now I'm not suggesting that people grab a big garbage bag and chuck everything to the street. How about locking it all up and giving someone else the key? Or simply give it away if possible. Whatever you need to do to have it 100% out of your reach.

I in no way endorse or condone the wasting of food.

Hope that cleared things up!