Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Angry Guys Get Fatter Faster: Study

Hey, we all get annoyed or aggravated from time to time. That's life. The thing is, some people just seem to be angry all the time! Well, here's some news they might not like: French researchers have found that the more hostile a man's attitude is, the more likely he is to gain weight in the future.

The study, which lasted for 19 years, measured BMI and hostility in both men and women. The researchers found that overall, hostility was linked with a higher BMI. Hostile women's BMI's stayed relatively the same over time, however hostility in men led to accelerated weight gain over the span of the study. The researchers think that it's due to hostility's link to depression, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle that leads hostile men to gain weight more rapidly than mellow men.

So the moral of the story here is that there's no need to pull a Christian Bale! Take some time out for yourself and learn how to be a bit more zen. Your future self (and those around you) will seriously thank you.