Wednesday, March 4, 2009

'Bad' Foods? Overzealous Parents, Anxious Kids

What happened to the days when kids were just kids? When it came to food, they knew what they liked or disliked and that was that. Not so anymore, a new report says. Apparently, kids nowadays know all too well about the details of nutrition and it's making them anxious!

So where is all of this anxiety is stemming from? Whether they mean to or not, some parents are "moralizing" foods as "good" or "bad" and scaring the bejeezus out of their kids! The irony? - Growing kids actually need a lot more calories and different ratios of carbs, fat and protein than their parents do. Did you know that young kids should drink homogenized or full-fat milk instead of any other kind because it better provides their growing bodies with the nutrients they need? Parents need to be conscious of these differences or else they might actually be doing the opposite of what they are intending.

“It’s almost a fear of dying, a fear of illness, like a delusional view of foods in general. I see kids whose parents have hypnotized them. I have 5-year-olds that speak like 40-year-olds. They can’t eat an Oreo cookie without being concerned about trans fats.” Said one Registered Dietitan.

It's one thing for parents to make efforts to keep their kids healthy, but ultimately, kids need to just be kids. Can you think of any other time when you can eat just about anything you like and not 'pay for it' later? More Birthday cake, please!