Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cat Cora: Fresh Is Best

Shape magazine recently raided the fridge of Food Network's Iron Chef Cat Cora and what did they find? Maybe not what you'd expect from a celebrity chef!

Cat chooses to eat fresh and local; she always uses ingredients that are in season and buys all-natural or organic ingredients whenever possible. Her philosophy is that if you start with a base of delicious, flavourful, nutrient-dense foods, you don't have to compensate with artificial ingredients, added fat or calorie-laden sauces and dressings.

So what exactly is in Cat's fridge? Fresh berries, Dijon mustard (for home-made dressings and marinades), tofu, low-fat yogurt and fresh, local fish. She's even got her kids eating healthier snack options that taste so 'bad', you wouldn't know they're good for you. Her kids reach for peanut butter, string cheese and yogurt pops! Yeah, maybe they're not "local" or "fresh" but it sure beats ice cream and candy bars!

Cat scored two thumbs up from a dietitian who examined the contents of her fridge. She said “If you’re creative when it comes to your meals, they’re more likely to be physically and emotionally fulfilling”. Couldn't have said it better myself! Healthy eating not only your body but your soul!


janet said...

This is great, we need more celebrities to push real food!