Thursday, March 19, 2009

iPhones to Help Monitor Blood Glucose?

Welcome to the future, folks. A prototype diabetes tracker was recently unveiled which would allow parents to remotely monitor their kids' blood glucose levels no matter where they are! All the kids would have to do is download the readout from their blood glucose monitor to their iPhone, which would then determine how much insulin they require based on their activity levels. The information would then be sent to their parents.

A number of iPhone apps already exist that allow you to track your exercise, blood pressure and diet, but they require manual inputs of information. These new-generation 'mobile medical tools' are different in that they are more advanced and can collect and share data as well as connect people in ways that were never before possible. In addition to this new diabetes tracker, a blood-pressure monitor app is also on the way, where you attach your iPhone to a blood pressure cuff and can then share the info with your doctor or anyone you please.

Hey, with all this talk about being addicted to your 'crackberry' and incessant text-addictions, if you've gotta have a smart phone, at least make it work for you instead of the other way around!!