Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Public Humiliation Used as Gym Membership Tactic

File this under 'crazy but true': a gym company in the Netherlands has decided to publicly humiliate potential patrons into joining their gyms. "Fitness first" has gone so far as to attach scales to the benches in bus shelters and those scales are then attached to an ad on the side of the shelter. This means that when unsuspecting commuters have a seat while waiting for the bus, their weight will be displayed in an ad for all to see!

Hmmm...I wonder just how effective this tactic will actually be? You can't beat good ol' shame and embarrassment to win the trust of your potential clients!


Andrew said...

Wow, scales on bus stop benches? That's really high tech, or should I say it must cost a lot. Will be years before we'll see those in my country, if at all. If I saw those I'd be more interested in the novelty on it than worrying about my weight :)