Thursday, March 12, 2009

Think 'Organic' = Safer? Think again...

Many people associate the word 'Organic' with ' Healthier', 'Better for the planet' and, perhaps 'Safer'. While there are some health benefits in organic foods, since they are grown in a sustainable fashion without the use of synthetic or genetically modified pesticides or fertilizers, there is really nothing to be said in terms of their safety as compared with Non-organic foods. Just recently, organic as well as regular peanut products were affected by the salmonella outbreak; just because products are organic does not mean that there is any added protection from pests or pathogens.

It is comforting to know, if you eat organic foods, that your food was produced in a more traditional, down-to-earth way that is good for the planet. And, hey - it might even taste better (I've heard this from a few people)! Besides, unless you're a geneticist, you might not find it fascinating or appetizing to know that GMO foods have their DNA messed with. Mmm...clones.

New regulations will be coming into play in Canada on June 30th of this year in order to protect consumers and assure them that the claims being made about organic products will be truthful. These new regulations will also ensure that strict guidelines are being met before an "Organic" logo of any kind will appear on any products for human consumption. Regardless of whether products are imported or domestic, they will have to demonstrate and pass the same strict eligibility criteria. Actually, I do find that pretty reassuring...what about you?