Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Watch Booze, Want Booze: Seeing Alcohol in TV and Movies Increases Alcohol Consumption

Shocking! A new study published in the Journal Alcohol and Alcoholism reveals that watching TV shows or movies where alcohol is prominently displayed actually makes you down more booze!

The researchers showed participants various combinations of films and commercials where alcohol was presented or consumed, ranging from many instances to just a few. What they found was that in conditions where more alcohol was present on the screen, more alcohol was consumed by the participants.

The researchers believe that seeing booze on the screen acts as a stimulus, or a trigger, for you to want to go get some booze yourself. It doesn't just make you thirsty - it makes you specifically crave alcohol! It seems this is just gives psychologists another case to add to the growing body of evidence backing the "Monkey see, monkey do" theory!