Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Broccoli Kills Ulcer-Causing Bacteria

Being as tasty and good-for-you as broccoli already is, we now have even more reasons to praise the green giant of veggies.

In a new article published in Cancer Prevention Research, Researchers found that consuming broccoli sprouts can kill bacteria responsible for gastric ulcers which can also lead to gastric cancer. You see, broccoli sprouts contain a precursor to a compound called sulforaphane which is powerfully bactericidal against Helicobacter pylori infections (H. pylori is the bug responsible for gastric ulcers).

In this study, 48 patients infected with H. pylori included either broccoli or alfalfa sprouts in their diets for 8 weeks, and their infections were monitored. Those individuals who consumed broccoli sprouts showed a marked reduction in H. pylori colonization and gastric inflammation while no change was demonstrated in the control condition.

You, too can benefit from the goodness of broccoli sprouts! Try sprinkling some over your salad or include them in a wrap for an easy way to achieve your 5 to 10 a day.