Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Celeb New Mom Jessica Alba Bans White Foods To Slim Down

Trying to slim down post-baby? Take a tip from new mommy Jessica Alba! Jess has recently cut out all things white from her diet, and what's more - she's banned her family from consuming them too!

What's so bad about white foods, you ask? Well, in a nutshell, the more colour a food has, the more nutrients it tends to contain. And when it comes to whole grains versus their "white" versions, whole grains contain more fibre and nutrients compared to their bleached and processed counterparts. Whole grains are more satisfying thanks to their extra fibre and they take longer to digest, meaning your blood sugar won't spike and go haywire. The opposite is true for the white stuff; you'll feel hungrier and chances are you'll end up eating even more (translation: pack on the pounds).

Once whole grains are refined, they lose their bran and germ layers, which contain the bulk of their fibre, folate, selenium and phytochemicals (which have been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol). Even if you get the "enhanced" white stuff with added fibre, it can't replace all of the other nutrients and health benefits that are lost in the refining process.

So, even if you didn't just give birth but you kinda look like you did, try cutting back on refined foods, or better yet - eliminate them from your diet all together. It's not easy at first, but consider this - if it was easy, wouldn't we all be skinny?