Wednesday, April 15, 2009

KGC: Kentucky Grilled Chicken?

I wonder if Colonel Sanders just rolled in his grave. If this isn't proof that we're all becoming a bit more health conscious, then what is? The guys at KFC are trying to attract us health nuts to their restaurants by serving up grilled chicken in addition to the fried stuff. I don't know about you guys, but KFC is just not on my radar and they've definitely gotten some bad press in recent times. Somehow "Kentucky Fried" sounds worse to me than just "Fried"...maybe I'm crazy, but I just don't know what the heck they do down there in Kentucky! Paula Deen-esque images are floating around in my mind.

KFC's president is hoping that offering a "healthier" grilled variety of chicken items will draw in customers who would never normally dare to set food in KFC. They're also responding to the fact that nearly all of their competitors offer grilled chicken on their menus.

Now, forgive me for sounding skeptical, but I still don't believe that anything coming from these fast food restaurants is even remotely healthy. The good news is that if you're in a pinch to grab some food on the go or you're looking to treat yourself, grilled chicken is definitely a healthier option than deep-fried chicken, with about half the calories, fat and sodium.


Anonymous said...

KFC of KGC missed the point Kentucky Grilled Chicken is suppposed to be just grilled NOT DEEP FRIED IN THAT UNHEALTY OIL...BTW just had the Kentucky Grilled Chicken for lunch and would have too say extremely disappointed that the chicken is still greasy as the breaded version and still gave me an upset stomach. I'm sticking to El Pollo Loco!! Truly Healthier and not decieving that KFC marketing campaign brings!

ftiens said...

Thanks for sharing, great idea