Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vegetable Juice May Assist in Weight Loss

Are you eating enough fruits and veggies each day? If you're not, a glass of low-sodium vegetable juice may help you reach your quota, and - as an added bonus - it might help you lose weight, too!

In a new study, partly funded by Campbell soup company, 81 adults with metabolic syndrome (meaning that they had excess fat around their waists, high blood pressure and sugar as well as high cholesterol) were put on a modified diet to see if including vegetable juice improved their health in any way.

All of the participants included lots of fruits, veggies, minerals, fibre, and low-fat dairy in their diets and they cut out unhealthy fats. In addition, the participants were randomly assigned to include one or two cups of vegetable juice in their diets, while others did not consume any.

Over the course of twelve weeks, the juice drinkers lost four pounds while the non-drinkers only lost one. The vegetable juice drinkers also consumed significantly more vitamin C and potassium, and were more likely to meet their daily recommendations for fruits and veggies when compared to the non-drinkers.

If you've ever tried vegetable juice, you would know that it can be pretty thick and kind of filling; it doesn't come as too much of a surprise to me that drinking one or two full glasses would make the participants feel fuller and eat a bit less food as compared with their non-juice drinking counterparts. But, all things considered, if it's low-cal, low-sodium and helps you meet your daily nutrient recommendations on the go, then I guess it cant hurt to try it!


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