Thursday, May 7, 2009

The High Heel Workout: Not a Joke

Ladies: Have you ever noticed that the moment you don a pair of sky-high heels, you not only feel that much sexier, but you instantly feel those calf muscles tighten up? What better way to showcase a pair of toned legs than to slip your feet into a pair of Jimmy Choos? Well, Florida-based trainer Rosalind Neilen decided to take her love for high heels one step further by marrying them with her passion for exercise. The "High Heel Workout" was born.

According to Rosalind, the first 10 minutes help you get acquainted with your heels so that you feel comfortable even just walking in them. She encourages her students to move around and get in the groove of the music so that they can get a feel for what's to come next. After that, she introduces some simple squats and dance moves, all in done in your stilettos, to prepare for another 20 minutes of intense leg work. The intense leg work, fortunately, is done sans stilettos.

Ladies, if you're anything like me and completely and utterly lack any coordination in high heels, you can attest to the fact that those suckers can get you wobbling about and feeling muscles that you haven't used in a while. Keeping upright (i.e. not falling down) in heels requires engaging your core muscles for balance, working on your posture, and most obviously using your leg muscles.

Regardless of whether or not this workout delivers results comparable to your typical routine, you can rest assured that your confidence in heels will be improved and your legs will look luscious. Isn't it just the icing on the cake when you can show off your hard earned rockin' bod in style and confidence after working your butt off? I think so!


Melissa said...

this may be a good workout for the calves, but unfortunately increased prancing in high heels causes long term damage to your spine. the dangers should be publicized along with this business tactic.

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