Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weigh-in Plus Support Program Maintains Weight Loss: Study

Go figure - a simple bi-weekly weigh in plus encouraging support can yield the same weight maintenance effects as a more pricey program including exercise classes and dietitians according to a new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal!

In the study, 200 women were randomly assigned to either an intensive support program involving dietitians and exercise specialists, or a more simple, less expensive nurse-led program which included weigh-ins and encouragement over the phone. The researchers found that participants in both groups reduced their weight, fat mass, BMI, waist circumference, systolic blood pressure, and levels of glucose and insulin.

In addition, the attendance rate of women being weighed-in in the nurse-led condition was outstanding; the same cannot be said for the other group's attendance to exercise sessions. Over all, however, there was no difference in weight maintenance between groups.

According to the researchers, "Many participants reported that the weigh-ins and the enthusiastic support provided by the nurse on those occasions and on the telephone were key determinants of their success,". Hey, if the results were the same and both the participants and nurses were enthusiastic about the program, then it sounds like a good deal to me!

This is some great news if you're hoping to keep those pounds off without dropping too much cash, especially in these tough economic times.