Monday, June 15, 2009

Meatless Monday: Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Michael Pollan and YOU!

"One Day A Week, Cut Out Meat"...That's what Paul McCartney is saying today. The former Beatle is making headlines today by joining the ranks of famous vegetarians like Yoko Ono and millions of others including Michael Pollan, renowned author of In Defense of Food and The Omnivore's Dilemma to encourage you to go meatless on Mondays.

Going meatless just one day a week not only significantly helps you decrease your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, heart disease and stroke, obesity and diabetes but it also makes your carbon footprint a little bit smaller by reducing carbon emissions related to the meat and livestock industry. Even though one day a week might not seem like a huge deal, going veggie for 52 days a year equals about 15% of the year, which, for anyone, is pretty impressive! Plus, if you consider how great you'll start feeling, you might even go veggie twice or three times a week!

Meatless Mondays are a great way to make sure you get enough fruits, veggies, nuts and legumes and all the other stuff that you might be neglecting, especially now that it's grilling and barbecue season. Take the opportunity to throw some fruits and veggies on the grill - you can grill a ton of stuff that you may never have thought possible, from peaches to lettuce to grapes, to the more common but equally delicious red peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, portobello mushrooms....and the list goes on!

According to McCartney, Mondays are a great day to go veggie since many of us like to indulge over the weekend and could use a slightly lighter fare anyways! In addition, studies show that we're more likely to stick to routines if we do things on Mondays, since we have the opportunity to make a fresh start and set our intentions for the week. Hey, it's good for your heart, good for the planet and it might even help you drop a dress (or pant) size! What's stopping you?


Joey Lee said...


Joey here, from Meatless Monday. I just wanted to thank you so much for writing such a thorough overview of our campaign, as well as linking us to some of our more prominent participants. The Meatless Monday movement is taking flight and going Global, as well as similar movements. For example- did you know that the city of Ghent, in Belgium, recently declared Veggie Thursdays?

I've read several of your blog posts and I love that your Nutrition in Motion theme, espicially your featured recipes post. They seem to be tasty and seasonal. (Banana bread muffins with fresh strawberries? Yum!) Many foodie bloggers think it's fun to do a weekly Meatless Monday post- complete with weekly meatless recipes and pictures or stories or videos of how the tasty creation came to be. You can use your own recipe or feel free to use one of ours from the site. Either is fine. Do you think that's something you'd be interested in?

If you'd just like to follow our campaign, we'd love you to join our cause on facebook or follow us on twitter if you're interested.

I'd love to be in more direct communication with you so we can better coordinate outreach efforts. Please email me at if you're interested in doing a weekly Meatless Monday post!

-Joey Lee
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