Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Computers, More Injuries

Remember the days when having just one computer was something of a luxury? It used to be that family members would take turns sharing one single computer, and that was enough. Well, as we all know, those days are long gone, and I mean loooong gone.

If you really think about it, computers are everywhere these days - and so are their cables. And according to a new study, the same goes for injuries.

The study, published in the latest issue of The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, has found that we're hurting ourselves more than ever as the number of our household computers increases. Between the years of 1994 and 2006, there has been a seven-fold increase in tripping-related injuries as well as an increase in head injuries thanks to falling monitors, oftentimes leading to a visit to the ER.

The main culprit in terms of computer-related injuries is the monitor, although the severity of these injuries has actually declined in recent years thanks to the lighter, flat-screen varieties. Not too surprisingly, those injured the most tend to be small children under the age of five as well as the elderly, aged 60 and over. The most common injuries include lacerations, abrasions and bruises, as well as bumps to the head. Who would have figured that computers could be so dangerous and so hazardous to our health?

To keep yourself and your family safe, keep your computer away from commonly-walked paths and on a safe, stable surface and tuck away as many loose cables as you can.

So next time you're passing by your computer, be sure to keep a heads up (...or down?). Don't become a statistic - Practice safe computing!