Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camels to Produce the Godiva of the Middle East?

Coming soon to a shelf near you: Chocolates made from Camel's milk. As wacky as this might sound, you might soon be able to purchase these 'luxury products' in fine department stores such as Harrods in London and San Francisco's Famous chocolate shop, Chocolate Covered, not to mention other posh outlets.

Dubai's chocolate producer Al Nassama, in partnership with Austrian chocolate maker Manner aims to produce 100 tons of these 'premium' high-end chocolates per year all thanks to the 3,000 camels on their Dubai farm. You can buy their chocolates directly from the store attached to their farm, or if farms aren't your thing, you could always find these goodies in luxury hotels and on private airlines.

Al Nassama's general manager Martin Van Alsick said that the chocolates will never be sold in conventional supermarkets because they are luxury goods that are meant to be enjoyed just like Godiva's. The chocolates contain no preservatives or chemical additives and are complimented by exclusive spices, nuts and honey. Not to be out shined by 'conventional' chocolates, camel's milk chocolates are much higher in vitamin C and insulin than those made with cow's milk, plus they're lower in fat and lactose.

Well...camels aren't exactly the most attractive or appealing animals and milk isn't really my thing, but I have to admit I'd be willing to try some of these goodies - how about you?