Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bacon: Not Just For Breakfast

Source: (, The Globe and Mail)

What would happen if we married bacon and chocolate? You don't have to search any further than here for the answer. You see, a new craze is sweeping the nation - chocolate covered bacon. Don't adjust your monitor - this is the real deal.

I suppose sweet and savoury have been paired for as long as desserts have existed - sea salt taffy and salted caramels are other examples.

According to Karen Page, author of The Flavour Bible, chefs are becoming increasingly creative as they look for new flavour combinations and new ways to serve, present and prepare foods; they are literally playing with their food. The result? Oftentimes, seemingly unorthodox combinations, such as your soon-to-be best friend chocolate-covered bacon.

You can find the entire article here - "Bacon makes everything better, even... chocolate?" from, August, 2009. Or watch a video from The Globe and Mail, August 13 2009 here.