Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Does Sugar Feed Cancer?

Source: (ScienceDaily)

Do cancer cells use sugar as fuel? It's long been known that cancer cells require a lot more glucose than regular cells, due to their accelerated rate of replication and growth, and now new research out of Utah has uncovered new pieces to the 'cancer-sugar link' puzzle.

Researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah have found a link between glutamine (an amino acid) and cancerous cells' ability to uptake glucose for fuel. In cases where glutamine was restricted, cancer cells were not able to utilize glucose and grow.

According to one of the researchers, "Essentially, if you don't have glutamine, the cell is short circuited due to a lack of glucose, which halts the growth of the tumor cell".

Read up on all of the details in the article entitled "Does Sugar Feed Cancer?" on ScienceDaily (Aug. 18, 2009)