Thursday, August 27, 2009

Triathlons for Children: The Latest Trend

Source: (New York Times)

This is no joke, folks. If you want to be the coolest parent on the block you should sign your kids up for a triathlon this year - that is, if you can get them a spot in the competition.

Triathlons in general have been gaining popularity in the past few years (remember when JLo participated in the Malibu triathlon? After giving birth to twins, no less...) but children's triathlons are slowly taking over as the thing to do for kids. In fact, many of them are full before some kids can even sign up for the race. In 2008, USA Triathlon stated that it had 25,000 members under the age of 18, which had increased by 35% from 2006.

As an example of what a kid's triathlon entails, children 6 and under in the Silicon Valley Kids Triathlon swam 25 yards, biked one mile, then ran a quarter of a mile. Older kids might swim 200 yards (four laps in the pool), bike 6 miles, then run 1.25 miles (five laps around the track) all consecutively.

Do you think you could keep up? What do you think of these 'kid's triathlons'? To find out more, check out the article in it's entirety, entitled "See Jane Run, Bike and Swim" at from the New York Times, (August 26, 2009).


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