Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brainwashed by Ben & Jerry's or Häagen-Dazs?

(MSNBC Summary)

Ice cream can control your brain. No, really - it's true.

According to new findings from the UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, certain types of fats found in foods such as ice cream and burgers make a beeline for your brain upon being ingested. Once it reaches your brain, the fat molecules act to suppress the hormones leptin and insulin which normally control the hunger-satiety cycle and weight regulation.
Palmitic acid, which is found in beef, butter, cheese and milk, is just one type of fat that is particularly good at this.

According to researcher Deborah Clegg, your entire brain chemistry can change when you eat something high in fat. Since this fat interferes with the normal signals that tell you that you are full, you just keep on eating - and the worst part is that you keep on eating stuff that is loaded with fat and calories which pushes you even further away from your weight loss goals and optimal health. Worse yet - this hormonal 'broken telephone' can last for up to three days! I bet you didn't see that one coming!

Hey - Häagen-Dazs is expensive, anyways. Save your money and your waistline!

To find out more, read the whole article called "Ice cream really can control your brain" at MSNBC (Sept 15, 2009)