Monday, September 28, 2009

Drink White Tea to Fight Fat

(Source: Nutrition and Metabolism)

So we've all heard about the health and weight loss benefits of drinking green tea, and as a supplement, green tea extract is a potent fat-fighter and metabolism revver, but now there's a new fat fighter in town. Say hello to white tea and say good bye to fat.

In the human body, gaining weight from fat is two-fold. On one hand, the number of fat cells in the body increases, and on the other hand, these fat cells absorb and store fat like little sponges, which causes them to expand in size. Thankfully, white tea can tackle fat on both fronts.

According to a new study published in Nutrition and Metabolism, fat cell precursors that are incubated in white tea extract fail to turn into fat cells or store fat. In addition, incubating mature fat cells in the same extract solution actually causes them to burn fat and shrink in size!

Researchers believe that the health benefits found in white tea is related to it's polyphenols, most specifically EGCG. Green tea also contains EGCG, but white tea is the least processed form of tea and contains the highest levels of this polyphenol.

Find out more about this study by reading the article from Nutrition and Metabolism.