Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fat Suit ThisTime For Bridget Jones

(Hollywood Scoop Summary)

Renee Zellweger, the petite actress famous for her plus-sized role as Bridget Jones, is going to forego any weight gain in lieu of a 'fat suit' as she reprises her role in the latest installment of the movie series.

The past two times Zellweger has played Bridget Jones, she actually gained close to 30 pounds to portray her character, then lost the weight afterwards. Fluctuations in weight are not usually healthy, and in cases as extreme as Zellweger's transformation into Bridget Jones, there could be health complications involved. Being that she's already done this two times, this time, she's throwing in the towel and opting to spare her health instead.

Zellweger admitted that last time she put on weight, she had difficulty losing it; it took her quite some time to get her svelte figure back. Five years have since gone by, and one can only imagine that it won't likely be any easier this time!

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