Monday, September 14, 2009

Forget Salt and Pepper - Try Sensa for Weight Loss

Source: (Health News)

Are the days of salt and pepper on the decline? Could be, thanks to science that has been in the works for the last 25 years and may soon be found in your kitchen. Imagine sprinkling a pinch of 'food sprinkles' over your meal and instantly enhancing the flavours and aromas of the dish, creating a more satisfying, sensual food experience. Enter: Sensa.

Dr. Alan Hirsch, a neurologist and psychiatrist who has been working on the science of 'food sprinkles' for almost 30 years has shown that our senses, especially sight and smell, fuel hunger and are the main reasons why we overindulge. In his clinical trials, nearly 1,500 women and men sprinkled 'food sprinkles', also known as 'tastants' on all of the food that they consumed and lost an average of 30 pounds over six months.

He has developed these 'tastants', currently found in the product 'Sensa', to be flavourless, colourless and odourless on their own, but when sprinkled over food, they bump up the flavour of food and the way that it appeals to the senses.

To find out more about tastans and Sensa, check out the entire article called "A Sprinkle a Day Takes the Pounds Away?" at Health News, (Sept . 8, 2009)