Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Regular Drinkers Exercise More than Abstainers

Source: (HealthDay)

Surprising results from a recent study out of the University of Miami show that moderate to heavy drinkers tend to be more physically active, on the whole, when compared with their non-boozing counterparts.

Using data from a U.S. Government survey, the researchers found that drinkers were not only more active than abstainers, but they also exercised more vigorously by performing activities such as jogging. In addition, as the number of drinks per day or per week increased, so did the amount of exercise that individuals performed!

Now, as interesting as this all sounds, the researchers don't want anyone to assume that drinking will actually increase their level of activity. As yet, the findings only suggest a correlation, but it's an interesting one that needs to be investigated further.

Check out HealthDay to read the entire article, entitled "Drinkers May Exercise More Than Teetotalers" (Aug. 31, 2009)