Thursday, September 10, 2009

'Smart Choices' Food Labelling Program 'Not Credible'

Source: (New York Times)

Food manufacturers in the US are trying to make it a little easier for the average consumer to make 'healthy choices' at the grocery store. A new program called 'Smart Choices', along with a bright green check mark logo displayed on the front of food packages has been designed to help Americans do just that. There's just one problem: it's flawed.

Since when are sugar-laden cereals like Froot Loops and Cocoa Krispies considered 'Smart' choices for kids? Based on the green check mark displayed on their boxes, they are. Needless to say, this has Nutrition Experts, the FDA and the US Department of Agriculture in an uproar.

Eileen T. Kennedy, president of the Smart Choices board, claims that the criteria for including food and beverage items in the Smart Choices program was based on government dietary guidelines and widely accepted nutritional standards. She went on to say that “The check mark means the food item is a ‘better for you’ product, as opposed to having an x on it saying ‘Don’t eat this,’

To find out more, read the article called "For Your Health, Froot Loops", at the New York Times, (Sept. 4, 2009)