Wednesday, September 23, 2009

'Soda Tax' to Fight Obesity?

(AP Summary)

With an outrageous (and still climbing) rate of obesity, the US needs a solution, and fast, to this growing epidemic. A group of nutrition and economics experts think they have just the solution that Americans need to help them slim down: a soda tax. And a hefty one, at that.

Published in the very reputable
New England Journal of Medicine, the group's plan outlines a 1-cent-per-ounce sales tax, an amount more than double the average existing state tax. It would increase the levy on a $1 can of soda to 12 cents. Since Americans are known for their love affair with soda, and it is also a major contributor to health issues such as diabetes and obesity, it seems to make sense that imposing a heavy tax on the sale of soda would discourage individuals from purchasing and consuming these products.

Despite previous efforts by other parties, a tax such as this has never actually taken effect. Government officials and the beverage industry alike contend that it's not likely to happen.

Find out more about the proposed 'soda tax' by checking out the article 'Fight obesity? Add sales tax to soda tab' from MSNBC (Sept 17, 2009)