Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Study: Chocolate Keeps Hearts Healthy

(New York Times Summary)

A new study out of Sweden, famously known as the Land of Chocolate, has added more clout to the claim that chocolate may keep your ticker ticking.

Swedish scientists followed a group of heart attack survivors over a span of 8 years and found, while accounting for as many confounders as possible, that chocolate consumption was strongly correlated with decreased chances of dying from heart disease. What's better is that the more chocolate that was consumed, the lower the risk was!

While this is all great news - this was only an observational study, not a randomized controlled trial, which is the gold standard in scientific research that allows for solid conclusions to be drawn. All we really know from this study is that there is a strong association between chocolate consumption and decreased risk of dying from heart disease, but not why or how. For example, chocolate consumption may also be correlated with better mental health or some other factor that was not considered or controlled for in the study.

To find out all the delicious details, check out the article called "In One Study, a Heart Benefit for Chocolate" from the New York Times.


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