Friday, September 25, 2009

Sugary Diet Raises Blood Pressure: Study

(Reuters Health Summary)

Sugar sure has a bad rep, and for good reason. It has been tied to diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome, but now, there's even more incentive to skip on the white stuff.

According to research reported at the American Heart Association’s 63rd High Blood Pressure Research Conference, diets very high in fructose have been shown to increase blood pressure in men. Fructose is commonly found in table sugar as well as soft drinks. In the study, men who were put on a high-sugar diet actually developed metabolic syndrome, which increased their risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and it also increased their uric acid levels.

In as little as two weeks on the high fructose diet, the men in the study experienced a significant increase in their blood pressure and they also demonstrated insulin resistance. “These results suggest that fructose may be a cause of metabolic syndrome,” said one of the researchers. “They also suggest that excessive fructose intake may have a role in the worldwide epidemic of obesity and diabetes.”

To read more about the findings from this study, check out the article called "Fructose tied to higher blood pressure: study" at Medline Plus (Sept 23, 2009)