Thursday, September 17, 2009

Too Fat to be Funny?

(AOL Health Summary)

For any of you who stay up late on Saturday nights to catch a good laugh by watching SNL, you might notice that a familiar face - one that's been on the show for the past 2 seasons - will be missing this coming season.

Comedienne Casey Wilson has been 'let go' from "Saturday Night Live", and rumour has it that it's due to her full-figured physique. It's been reported that the show's producers asked her to drop a whopping 30 pounds over the course of the summer, and when she didn't comply, she was told to pack her things and leave.

While it could be that she simply wasn't delivering the kind of comedic connection that the producers and viewers expect from SNL, there could be some validity to the rumour that her dismissal was weight-related. Just take a look at the other women on SNL - you've got fit and lean leading ladies like Kristen Wiig, Abby Elliot and Michaela Watkins, and who can forget ex-SNLer Tina Fey's impression of 'Sexy Sarah' (Palin)? Casey Wilson brought something different to the mix and showed that you can still be beautiful and funny without being a size 2!

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Fired for Being 'Fat'? SNL's Weighty Controversy" at That's Fit - from AOL health (Sept. 16, 2009).