Thursday, September 17, 2009

Train Your Brain to Prevent Weight Gain

(ScienceDaily Summary)

Keeping weight off: It's all in your head. At least that's what new research involving brain scans is suggesting.

According to a new study published in the
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, individuals who have lose weight and have managed to keep it off, have also retrained their brains to respond differently to food as compared with obese individuals or those who have never had to lose weight.

In this new study, both groups of individuals were shown images of food and those who have managed to maintain their weight were more likely to engage the areas of the brain associated with behavioral control and visual attention, compared to obese and normal weight participants.

The researchers suggest that those individuals who have lost weight and have managed to keep it off have had to create new habits and view food in a different light than they used to before they lost weight - they have literally re-wired the neurological pathways and responses that that were elicited in the presence of food!

To find out more about this incredible finding - check out the article "Brain's Response To Seeing Food May Be Linked To Weight Loss Maintenance" a
t ScienceDaily (Sept. 16, 2009).