Thursday, September 24, 2009

'World's Fattest Town': Jaimie Oliver to the Rescue!

(Sky News Summary)

Celebrity Chef Jaimie Oliver has made it his mission to teach the world to cook from scratch and re-connect with real, healthy food in a way that we have not seen in decades. He's tackled school dinners in the UK and has taught people all over the world to cook healthy from scratch either by teaching them directly or through his various television programs and cook books. But now he's on a different mission: He's tackling 'the world's fattest city', Huntington, WV.

According to Jaimie, the situation in this town makes the hairs on the back of his arm stand at attention. In regards to the families he's worked with, he says "They are all anaemic with information. They are not stupid, they are not ignorant - it's just they have never had food from scratch in their life." Chilling words!

Even though it's a rural area, it's difficult to find anything that's fresh in Huntington. Kids at school dine on a menu which included funnel cakes, corn dogs, hamburgers and hot dogs! Due to the fact that several large food corporations are located in this region, most, if not all, of the food that people in Huntington eat is processed.

To find out what Jaimie intends to do, check out the article called "Jamie: 'World's Fattest Town Is Hair-Raising'" from Sky News (Sept. 21, 2009).


Unknown said... conducted a study on 402 Americans regarding their health and weight class based on the U.S. Government standards. Results found that nearly one-third of Midwesterners indicated that they live an unhealthy lifestyle, and the majority (64%) are classified as overweight. The study also revealed that American women are significantly more overweight than American men.
More in depth results can be seen at:

Anonymous said...

I commend Jaimie Oliver for his intense interest in the food we feed out children at home and in school. Keep up the good fight, Jaimie.