Thursday, October 22, 2009

Canadian Government Approves H1N1 Vaccine

(Globe and Mail Summary)

In the latest development in the H1N1 flu story in Canada, our health regulator has now given the 'OK' for the a vaccine to be used here. The vaccine, produced by GlaxoSmithKline, will begin it's journey to public health centers ASAP to begin immunization.

It is believed that adults will only require one dose, however children may require two, as with the seasonal flu vaccine. This new type of vaccine contains an adjuvant, a substance may increase the efficiency of the vaccine and may help to maintain immunity as the virus matures and mutates. Adjuvants have not previously been used in our flu vaccines, but the particular one in use in this vaccine has been tested in other parts of the world and has proven very safe.

The approval of the vaccine in Canada is hot on the heels of other countries such as the US, Britain, Australia and China. News of this approval will be very welcome indeed, as cases of H1N1 are becoming more and more widespread in Canada. The virus has already claimed the lives of several Canadians.

Find out more by reading the article "Canada approves H1N1 vaccine" from The Globe and Mail (Oct 21, 2009)