Monday, October 5, 2009

Coca Cola: 'Industry First' to Help Consumers Manage Weight

(Coca Cola Press Release Summary)

Thanks to a press release from the head honchos at Coca Cola, we now have word that the makers of the iconic soda will be the industry's first to post nutritional information on the
front of their products, in order to help consumers make more 'informed choices'.

Released just days ago, the press release goes on to state that the company is going international with the first of it's kind 'front-of-pack' nutritional labelling, so that consumers can choose beverages "based on their own individual taste preferences and nutritional needs"

Chairman and CEO of Coca Cola said in the statement "Coca-Cola is the world's most valuable brand, and with that comes a leadership responsibility,". The company plans to phase in this new labelling system worldwide by 2011, but it already exists in Australia and Europe.

Do you think this new labelling system will make consumers stop and re-consider their beverage choices? Read the whole press release called "THE COCA-COLA COMPANY ANNOUNCES WORLDWIDE COMMITMENT TO PLACE ENERGY INFORMATION ON FRONT OF PRODUCT PACKAGING" at Coca Cola's website (Sept 30, 2009).