Monday, October 26, 2009

For a Good Laugh: Vintage Cigarette Ad Shows the 'Benefits' of Smoking

Wow, we certainly have come a long way since the times of this ad. I actually can't believe things like this were ever allowed to be published!

This ancient and
very outdated ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes suggests that instead of over-eating and getting fat, why not just smoke instead (and then go jump hurdles)? Nowadays, we know that neither of those option are good for our health, in fact, some studies have shown that being overweight or obese can be just as deadly as smoking!

While it's true that smoking is an appetite suppressant, it will also most certainly kill you, or at least take years off your life. Some people are afraid to quit because they are worried about gaining weight afterwards, but the inherent, underlying problem is learning to make healthy food choices and lead an active lifestyle. Cigarettes are not 'helping you' in any way!

If smoking is your solution to weight loss, turn to exercise and healthy foods instead! I'm not saying this is easy - it takes time - but in the end, you'll not only be
so much healthier, you'll feel better every day and live longer! Something to think about...