Monday, October 19, 2009

Green Tea May Cut Risk of Death From Pneumonia

(Reuters Health Summary)

Green Tea is basically a wonder drink. It almost begs the question, what can't green tea do for you? And now, thanks to a new Japanese study, green tea may also prove to be useful in protecting women from dying of pneumonia.

The findings of the study suggest that pneumonia risk may be reduced by 41% in women, even by drinking small amounts of green tea - as little as just one cup per day. The researchers believe that the key to green tea's power in this case is that it might contain compounds capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of viruses and microorganisms. While the researchers found such results in women, there was no effect of green tea on reducing the risk of dying from pneumonia in men.

One way or another, drinking green tea packs such a huge health punch that it just makes sense to have a cup or two a day. So why aren't you drinking green tea right now? Go get some!
(and speaking of green tea - check out what I just stumbled upon!! Yeah, that's what you think it is. Where can I get some?)

Read more about this study in the article called "Green tea may cut the risk of dying from pneumonia" from Reuters Health (Oct. 16, 2009).


thymian said...

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