Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Look to Homer Simpson for Healthy Eating Advice

(Reuters Summary)

Forget the beer-guzzling, donut-devouring Homer Simpson you're used to. You're about to meet a new, reformed version of the Simpson family who's ready to teach you a thing or two about healthy eating.

According to reports, the Department of Health in the UK is spending 640,000 pounds to sponsor television spots featuring the Simpsons for their Channel 4's 'Change4Life' campaign. Just before the sponsored episodes of the much-loved television program, a short skit will run featuring the 'Change4Life' family imitating the Simpsons, sitting on their couch, chowing down on unhealthy foods. Just then, their junk food snacks are snatched away and morph into healthy alternatives.

The government is hoping that this new campaign will help viewers realize that healthy eating is the way to go, and that Homer's regular diet is not one that is fit to be mimicked. In a way, this can almost be seen as a form of a disclaimer before watching the 'real' Simpson's family!

Click Here to view the television spot and read the whole article called "Britain's new healthy eating guru - Homer Simpson" at Reuters (Oct. 5, 2009)