Friday, October 23, 2009

Michelle Obama to Children: Hula Hooping is Hip

(LA Times Summary)

It's no secret that First Lady Michelle Obama is an advocate for healthy living and she most certainly practices what she preaches. Mrs. Obama is a healthy eater and leads a very healthy, active lifestyle. Now, she's not only setting an example, but she's
leading by example for the children of America (and their parents) to do the same.

This week, Mrs. Obama set up a "Healthy Kids Fair " on the South Lawn of the White House and invited all the kids to come out and play (aka
move around and be active!). She advised the kids to "Turn off the TV on your own. Get up and throw a ball. Run around the house. Don't break anything, but move,".

In her address to the children, Mrs. Obama said that she learned her healthy habits from her own childhood, and she's hoping to inspire and influence today's generation of children in the same way that she was (albeit perhaps taking slightly less extreme measures). You see, in her own childhood, the First Lady got pizza one time each school year, but
only if she had received good grades! Now that defines the true meaning of 'treats' or 'reward foods'; you can have them, but only if you have earned them! She added that in her household "if you say you're not hungry, then you have to eat your vegetables, and then you get up and leave, and you don't ask for anything else, and go to bed". Makes perfect sense!

Check out a video of the First Lady hooping it up in the article "Michelle Obama Hula-Hooping our way to health" from the LA times (Oct 21, 2009).