Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Canadian Teens at Risk for Heart Disease

(Reuters Health Summary)

The number of Canadian teens with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other risk factors for heart disease and stroke is staggering according to a recent study, whose findings were presented this past Tuesday at a conference in Edmonton, Alberta.

According to Dr. Brian McCrindle, a cardiologist at The Hospital for Sick Children, the heart health of Canadian teens is on the decline. Many of the major risk factors of heart disease and stroke have become more prevalent among Canadian teens, but on the bright side, the incidence of obesity and high blood pressure has dropped slightly. These findings come from a 7-year study of more than 20,000 Canadian grade nine students.

The decrease in the incidence of obesity must, however, be taken with a grain of salt since almost a third of the teenagers in the study were still either overweight or obese. Dr. McCrindle says that this is due to many adverse health behaviors such as poor nutrition, consuming a lot of sugary drinks, skipping breakfast, lack of physical activity and increased time spent in sedentary pursuits.

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