Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weight Loss Ads to Get More 'Real'

(Response Magazine Summary)

We've all seen them: those ads with tanned, ripped models who 'used to be fat' but thanks to product XYZ they're now lean, mean muscle machines. While most of us know that it's not as easy as simply downing a pill or two, many people are still duped by advertising and fail to read the fine print on the bottom of the ad that reads 'results not typical'. what results are typical?

Thanks to new regulations by the FTC, the governing body behind consumer protection in the US, advertisements will be far less deceptive to the average consumer and can no longer use the text 'results not typical'. Good-bye bowflex dude. So long 'hot grandma'.

According to the FTC, such "best-case scenario" testimonials do not describe typical consumer experiences. As a result, the ads must now clearly state what the typical consumer can expect to experience, ideally with data to back it up. If not: sorry, no ads!

To find out more about the new regulations, check out the article called "
Legal Review: FTC Decides 'Results Not Typical' No Longer Good Enough" from Response Magazine