Friday, November 27, 2009

FL Pizza Shop Owner Gets Healthy Eating Nothing But Pizza For a Month

Tampa, Florida pizza shop owner Matt McClellan was tired of getting dirty looks and nasty comments when he brought free samples of his product along with coupons to the gym. I mean, who in their right mind would even touch a slice of pizza when they're trying to get ripped? Well, all this inspired Matt to prove that his pizza could indeed be part of a healthy lifestyle, so he decided to eat nothing but pizza for a month and chronicle his journey along the way.

Although he looked healthy, Matt had high cholesterol and high blood pressure from an already poor diet. On his 30-day pizza diet, Matt consumed about 2500 calories per day - 6 slices of pizza throughout the day - and worked out vigorously for at least an hour a day. Wanting to prove that his weight loss and improved health was from his food intake alone, Matt didn't stop consuming beer, sodas and energy drinks concurrently with his diet.

'Pizza Diet' may seem like an oxymoron, but, in fact, pizza actually contains all the food groups - grains in the dough, dairy in the cheese, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and meats or meat products. Despite the fact that pizza is usually sky-high in calories and fats, if it's made sensibly, it can not only be delicious, but it can be healthy too - It's all about portion control and using fresh, healthy ingredients! Matt opted for healthy toppings such as skim milk, lean meats, avocado, garlic, organic Roma tomatoes.

Here's a summary of Matt's results in 30-days:
  • Weight: 203 pounds to 179 pounds
  • Blood Pressure: 140/90 to 118/80
  • Cholesterol: 243 to 157
  • Bicep: 15 inches to 14 inches
  • Chest: 42 inches to 43 inches
  • Waist: 38 inches to 33 1⁄2 inches
  • Hips: 42 inches to 39 inches
  • Body fat: 19 % to 9 %
  • BMI: 26.9 to 23.6
All this goes to show that, with portion control, you can essentially eat whatever you like and still lose weight! Just don't forget to make healthy choices including getting enough fibre, choosing foods lower in saturated fat and higher in healthy fats, and getting enough lean protein to keep your body in tip top shape!

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