Friday, November 20, 2009

Food Manufacturers: 'Blame Consumers for Excessive Sodium Content'

(Globe and Mail Summary)

Reducing our sodium intake may be a tougher battle than we realize. Although it's simple enough to limit our use of salt at home, it's another problem all together to avoid the sodium found (or hidden) in processed foods. And according to food manufacturers, that's our fault as consumers.

Catherine O'Brien, director of corporate affairs at Nestlé Canada Inc., said earlier this week “We must balance the push of science against the pull of the market. Consumers will simply not compromise on taste, therefore, [taste] must be a priority alongside improved health.” So, basically, they'll try to cut sodium
a little bit so that they look like they care about our health, but really, they mostly just want us to buy their products. They are, after all, a business, like any other.

Funny enough, medical experts are challenging that argument, saying there is no evidence to show consumers reject products with less salt. The average Canadian – including children as young as 1 – consumes about 3,100 milligrams of sodium a day, more than double the recommended amount.

Find out more in "Canadians want salt, food makers tell MPs" from the Globe and Mail (Nov.19, 2009).


Stephen said...

I would like to agree to the writer to a certain extent as i myself like salty food and like there are millions who have same taste buds. In order to target all of us these manufacturers capture us.