Monday, November 9, 2009

Froot Loops: Now With Fibre?

As the epidemic of childhood obesity continues to plague the US and Canada, imagine my shock and surprise when I saw this advert on TV today. As cute as the kids in the ad are (and not obese), I can't begin to tell you how much things like this upset me. I truly wonder how ads like these are considered 'ethical' when all they're doing is brainwashing kids and parents to purchase and consume highly processed sugar-loaded morsels of food colouring and 'whole grains'.

According to a recent study out of California, children's TV networks present a whopping 7.7 food commercials every hour, which amounts to nearly 1 food commercial every 8 minutes! Ads for sugary cereals and sweets, high fat food, convenience or fast-food restaurants, chips/crackers and sugar-added beverages predominate the ad airtime.

Kellogg's is now trying to get kids to buy into their brand by sprinkling some fibre into the Froot Loops recipe and dusting it all off with a mound of sugar. Who cares if one cup of Froot Loops has 3 grams of fibre? It also has 12 grams of added sugar and contains absolutely nothing natural! In contrast, one medium apple contains 4.4g of fibre and won't make your kids bounce off the walls or contribute to childhood obesity!

Check out Kellogg's latest attempt to lure kids and parents into buying Froot Loops here, and read the article "TV Bombards Children With Commercials For High-fat And High-sugar Foods" From ScienceDaily (Nov. 5, 2009) to find out more.